On Hold Marketing Helps Companies Provide Messaging To On Hold Callers

July 15, 2017 at 4:28 pm

“All of our representatives are currently busy helping other customers.  Your expected wait time is less than fifteen minutes.”on-hold-marketing-logo

No customer wants to hear that message, especially if it’s the first time that they’re calling your company.  Maybe they’re already frustrated with a computer failure or an online billing mistake.  While the problem may not seem urgent to the professional, it almost always is for the consumer.  They’re not likely going to want to listen to elevator music or an airline jingle played over and over.   When they have to wait on hold for an extended period of time, frustration can start to mount, and that’s not going to be good for your business.

But what if there was a way to make that wait time productive for both customer and service provider? On Hold Marketing can do just that by creating an on hold messaging program that will be an effective marketing too as well as enhance the image of your company.

Rather than just filling the time, why not take advantage of the time your customers are spending on hold?  Think about using that time to promote your company, to inform callers about a new product or service, or perhaps just entertaining the caller while they wait.  If your customer is frustrated with the wait time, you may lose their business to a competitor.

These days nearly everyone feels the pressure of being too busy.  Staying on hold can often feel like a waste of time and odds are the caller will just hang up.  They may or may not call you back.  More than likely they’ll look up the number of a competitor, and you’ve just lost their business.

On Hold Marketing knows the value of providing audio content that will engage the caller while they wait.  Not only does this encourage them to stay online, well written scripts can lead to new sales opportunities through the marketing of other services and products.

The first thing the professionals at On Hold Marketing will do is get to know your company.  They’ll assess your equipment needs and help you put in place a plan that increases the caller’s awareness of the products and services you offer and, perhaps most importantly, reduce the number of hang-ups by frustrated customers.

The professionals at On Hold Marketing will meet with you to discuss your business, the profile of your callers, your current marketing strategies, web sites and more.  In other works, what makes your company and the services you offer unique?  From that they’ll write the best script for you, constructing on hold messages that meet the needs of your customers.

Once you’ve approved the script, two professional voice artists will record the text, and then the track will be mixed with soundtrack music appropriate for your audience.  The in-house studio allows On Hold Marketing to listen to you, write the best script and produce the best recordings because all of the necessary resources are all under one roof.  That allows for the creation of productions that will not only entertain your customers but can also inspire and educate them.

As a member of the On Hold Messaging Association the processes at On Hold Marketing underscore a commitment to provide the best possible on hold productions for customers.  Since 1989 Old Hold Marketing has helped customers alleviate the stress of a new marketing strategy and has helped to establish the best campaign for the company.

Change those customer wait times in to marketing opportunities for your company.  For more information or to talk to a customer representative call 800-342-0098 or visit www.onholdmarketinginc.com.