South of the James, By Invitation Only

September 19, 2016 at 12:42 pm

Longtime Richmond residents know the rivalry between Richmond’s “Fashionable West End” and “Southside Richmond.” The rivalry even made it to bumper stickers with those north of the James sporting stickers that said “Richmond’s West End: Members Only” only to be countered by the Southside version of “South of the James: By Invitation Only.”


Geographically, the Southside of Richmond includes portions of the City south of the James River, including Manchester and parts of Chesterfield County. The area is basically defined as the land south of the James, west of Interstate 95 and south to Chester, Virginia.


History of Southside Richmond

The area south of the James originally developed as the City of Manchester which was consolidated with the City of Richmond in 1910. The area has traditionally been recognized as a working class community, thus creating the rivalry with the areas north of the river. Today, Southside is a thriving community being revitalized by industry and redevelopment along Hull Street and the surrounding neighborhoods as well as Chesterfield County which is one of the most rapidly growing jurisdictions in the Commonwealth.

Landmarks and Neighborhoods

Richmond’s South Side has a diverse history from industrial to resort. Today the area is a thriving community with upscale homes, amazing parks, fabulous restaurants, multiple retail opportunities and a strong arts and business community.

Famous People and Sports Figures

Many places in Manchester and South Side are named for important historical figures, among them Hull Street and Bainbridge Avenue. But South Side has also produced a fair share of professional sports figures.

Things to Do

There’s always something fun to do on the South Side of Richmond, from great farmer’s markets to hiking to Southside Speedway. Check out this list of fun options.

Important Links

Sometimes there are services you want to know about but hope you never really need. Gathered here are a list of emergency contacts including fire and police and area hospitals.

New to Southside

New to the area? Use these helpful links to familiarize yourself with the area. We list the following information:

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  • Libraries
  • Fitness Clubs
  • Malls